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Design and Technology

Improving our cutting and gluing skills

Now we are making faces in 3-d and challenging ourselves by cutting and gluing card as well as using unisnips.

We have used PVA glue for greater strength as we have mad our faces from egg boxes. Tomorrow is decoration time - how it is finished is another key importance to anything we design and make.

Cutting and gluing skills, attaching with brass pins

Year 3 Challenge

Which team can build the tallest Eiffel Tower?

We thought about:       

                    stability of a structure

                    strengthening paper

                    using sellotape





Year 4 Challenge

Which team can build the Arc de Triomphe with 4 archways?

Investigating how structures can be reinforced.

What a superb effort from Madeleine and Abigail who where inspired to make another Eiffel Tower at home. Amazing girls!