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Design Technology

KS2 have been lucky to be able to take part in some DT work around the 'Design Process Box'.  This was sent to us by the James Dyson Foundation and allows us to explore the job of a design engineer and to become design engineers ourselves following the same processes they use in their day to day jobs.  Today we learned all about the characteristics that a design engineer shows.  We knew patience and perseverance would be some of these traits, but we were surprised that frustration and wrong thinking are also considered helpful characteristics!  We watched some videos where design engineers explained their job and it was interesting to find out about their pathway into this career.  

In DT we have been investigating different lever and slider mechanisms.  We analysed using different materials for our sliders such as card, felt, wood, cloth, string and pipe cleaners.  We also tried out different bases to see which worked best.  We then designed our own working slider mechanism, where we had to think carefully about the different pathways that we wanted our objects to take.