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My Best Friend

By William

So the moral of the story is that without friends the whole world is pretty dark in your eyes, but as it turns out we are all in that position right now, we can’t see our friends, but we can hear them (Through power of the electronical devices which are pretty much an advantage for everyone, especially children in these gloomy and interesting times,).

But that one thing most people miss, are their BEST friends. That kind of friend you get along well with and or have been with you for a long time, but now as we know, we cannot meet them at all. I have a Best Friend too, pretty cool stuff when you do, your back is saved in every corner, and you can know every day it’s going to be a great day whenever you go to school, college, nursery, or any type of education base.

To be completely honest with you guys, I don’t particularly have A best friend but I have multiple, I don’t like calling just 1 person on my friends list a best friend, or a favourite, I fancy all of my friends as best ones, so I hope that doesn’t ruin the whole point of this ‘poem’ which I’m not doing so well at clearly, but oh well, you see the whole trajectory, it’s about my friends.

So enough of the chit chat, here it is.

I have really enjoyed time over the years where I am right side by side with my mates, they are the best thing the entire world could’ve given me, they always make me laugh and smile, I like to try and make them do the same too! As when they do it makes me happy, I don’t like seeing my friends in either a sticky situation, or in an upset. I’ll do anything for them, as you don’t want your whole friendship to cement just because you aren’t showing your personality, I think that because this world is in such a mess. I would try to amuse my friends either way, this is why the internet is such a powerful thing, and we desperately need it in these times.

I also ADORE the whole party of pets, they really do make you giggle. It’s almost like being able to be with a human! They distract you from most of lockdown depression and really make your day. They are more powerful then all of us. They come in handy.

Now I really do like my friends. They are kind in all ways round and there is a comparison. Without friends or pets you sit down alone, upset, and wondering how it gets better. My parents solved my problems when I never had many friends. But trust me, it’s the best thing to do ((im only 10 years old saying this, but legitimately dudes and dudesses, it is)).

Anyway that’s about it, Bye!

Fantastic artwork from Isobel using perspective.