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Boudicca! She was a fierce and brave leader. Why are there so many interpretations of her? We looked at sources and discussed how accurate they were.

Being Spies!! In teams, we had to go and look at the image and describe it to our partners! Great fun!

We used sources to create hypotheses to answer our big question: Why did the Romans invade Britain? Well done Year 6! We then used our knowledge to use our diamond nine activity to order the reasons. We needed to use our knowledge and give reasons for our choices. To challenge ourselves further we even wrote our own diamond nine cards!

Chronology! We used our skills to created a timeline and it was tricky. We created it and discussed our findings!

We started our history focus by piecing together a picture. We used the this to identify our focus this term . We looked for clues from the picture to make historically valid questions and hypotheses.