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Rocket launch!

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During switch up day the new class 6 made water rockets and launched them with the new class 3!

We planted cress seeds and then planned our own investigations to see how they grew under different conditions.

The children explored concept mapping using their new knowledge of animals.

Sorting animals into categories based on their features.

We began our new topic on animals by asking questions about the features of certain animals and drawing them using the answers given.

We have been thinking about materials that are fit for purpose.

Our final Cinderella visitor was the coachman. Today we had to find a suitable material for a carriage roof.

We had another visitor today, this time from the fairy godmother who needed our help to find the best solution for her bubble wand.

Our new topic on materials links well to literacy this term. The children have been busy making mops for Cinderella, thinking about the most absorbent material. She even visited us too!

The children used MashCams on the iPad to write their facts about the moon.

Classes 5 and 6 investigated the dark spots on the moon using flour and cocoa powder. We found out that some of the spots are craters and some are empty lava sea beds. We also found out that the moon is not a light source but it reflects light and that it is a satellite..

We tested a range of light sources to see which one was the brightest.

Does foil shine in the dark?

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Does foil shine in the dark?

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We have been investigating light.

On Friday we went on a senses walk around school to see what we could touch, see, hear and smell.

This week we started our science topic which is all about humans and began by labelling body parts!