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The children, after having made game, came up

with puns for the game over sign.


The children had to create their own game with 

a scoring system and that lasted less than

60 seconds. 

We don’t just use our iPads for ICT.

Here the children are using ‘Word Hippo’.

Word Hippo helps children with their words. It can make finding synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words and definitions much easier. 

Give it a go, use the below link! 


Year 5 have been designing their own app. They have to design their own background and choose their own characters and actions. 

Year 4 have been designing their own shops in ICT. They make different variables for different items depending on their price. They also have to add a refund option. 

During ICT lessons we have been coding and making our own games. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed making these and playing each other's games!