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Science show at St Michaels


Class 7 had a fun morning visiting St Michael's High School for a Science show called 'Who wants to be a superhero?'.  We spent some time in a Science laboratory working together in teams to see who could build the tallest structure using spaghetti and marshmallows.  William, Bailey, Deacon, Matthew and Aaron managed to build a tower that was 60cm tall!  We then watched a show where a scientist took us through different careers that people have that involve science and engineering.  We took part in fun experiments to see how science can be used to build more stable bridges or fly planes.  We learned lots during our visit and it helped us to see how fun Science could be as a future career!

Investigating our skeleton


Do boys jump further than girls?

Do people with longer legs jump the furthest?


These were the questions we had to think about and then investigate in our Science lesson.  Some of us (especially the boys!) were absolutely certain that boys would jump further than girls.  Some of us thought it didn't matter about your leg length, but how fit and athletic you were.  Some of our results surprised us.  


Ready for take off!
Measuring the jump carefully.
Do boys jump further than girls?
Accurate measurements.
Measuring Mr Wilson's leg length.
How far will he jump?


After looking at x-rays of our skeleton and other animals, we tried to draw what our hand x-ray might look like. Then we investigated a real x-ray of the hand and made a model using straws and pipe cleaners to represent each bone and hinge joint.


James measured against his own fingers.
Isobel can see 3 hinge joints in her finger
We used x-rays to see all the bones and joints
Maddison's finished model

Bone detectives


Class 7 had a fun afternoon looking closely at a variety of different human and animal bones.  They were challenged to try and work out what animal the bone had come from and how it would help them.  We had some super ideas and thoughts!

Bailey thought this might be from a lizard!
William thought it felt hard for protection.
What on earth could it be?
Looking up close!
I think I know what this one could be!

What I think my skeleton looks like.

We used pasta shapes to build a model of what our bone structure looks like. We'll be learning the names and function of our different bones.