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We have been investigating where our food comes from.  Many of us did not know that foods that we buy from our local supermarket have often been on a long journey to reach us.  We enjoyed tasting many different foods from around the world and then investigated where in the world they are grown before making the journey to our plates. We annotated our world maps to show where the different foods originated from.  We also discussed why the UK has a good climate for growing certain foods like potatoes, but that it is not great for other foods.
We have been learning all about the journey of a river in class.  We watched some interesting video clips that showed us all the different stages of a river's journey.  We learned some important river vocabulary such as source, tributary, mouth and meander. To show our new knowledge, we worked in groups to create a 3D model of this journey.

Digital mapping


Class 7 have been using Digimap to develop their mapping skills.  We were able to search for Chorley and locate St Peter's school.  We could use maps at different scales and label features on our map.  We are looking forward to learning some new digital mapping skills over the year!

Class 7 have begun their new topic of 'A Greek Island'.  We are learning all about the island of Crete, which links to our Literacy work on myths and is where 'Thesus and the Minotaur' took place.  We have been researching what life is like in modern day Crete and finding out about the weather as well as things to see and do.  We have been reading travel brochures to collect some interesting and persuasive phrases for our writing about why people should visit this magical island.  It has made us long for the summer holidays!!!