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Art and Design

Portraiture using watercolours in the style of Kathe Kollwitz

We used chalks, pastels and charcoal to design Cave paintings for our Stone Age text

We made our own hanging mobiles and attached pictures of things that are important to us!

We collected leaves, twigs, stones and other autumnal bits and pieces to make our own autumn collages!

We practised our sketching skills by copying a picture of a giraffe

We used oil pastels to explore colour blocks on our animal sketches

We used rubbers to erase different degrees of shaded background and creating negative shapes and patterns

We used oil pastels to draw our own self portraits

We explored pattern and colour using a combination of chalk and oil pastels to create these eye-catching designs!

We investigated using different grades of pencils and graphite sticks to explore mark making and line type. We then applied these skills to draw a picture of St Peters Church.