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Class 3


We looked carefully at flowers.
We used watercolours.
We used wire to make flowers.
It was tricky!

2Create a story

Class 9 helped us to create our story on the iPads
We added sounds and pictures.

Reasoning with Class 10

The Baptism of Diana Faith

Sealife Centre

We designed our fruit smoothies.

Next we made our smoothies.

They were delicious!

We evaluated our smoothies.

We sorted food and drink into groups.

Freddie Fit!

Sports Day!

We had great fun on sports day and the sun was shining. Everyone had a fantastic time taking part in the different activities, which were led by the Year 6 children. A big thank you to everyone who helped organise the day and make it a big success, especially to Mrs Kirk and Year 6! 

Life Education Bus!

Nicola Davies

We got ready for Nicola's visit by reading some of her books. They were very interesting and we enjoyed sharing them with our friends. We were so excited and couldn't wait for her to arrive! 

Nicola came into our classroom and told us all about the animals she has seen.​
Next we did a piece of writing together, it was about Sperm Whales. We had to think of great adjectives to use and imagine what it would be like under the sea. 
Here is our finished writing!

We had an amazing day with Nicola which we will remember forever! She is an inspirational author who has made us want to write even more. Nicola loved visiting our school and meeting us and she even read us her new book which has not yet been published. Nicola promised to send us a copy of the new book when it is released next year. 


Thank you Nicola, we cannot wait to see you again soon! 

Alan and Kim came to visit!

Welcome Father Peter!

Father Peter met Class 3 and Peter bear!

Billy's Bucket.

Choosing sea creatures.
Fill it up with jelly.
Can't wait to eat it!


Who can fill Billy's bucket first?
We made a tally chart.

Making Easter Bags!

Story Capes!

Technology Week

To start technology week Mrs Kirk led a very interesting and inspiring assembly all about how technology changes and helps us to solve problems. She showed us some different vacuum cleaners and we had to put them in order from the oldest to the newest. 

Technology Week

This week is the technology week and we have a problem to solve! Cinderella needs us to build her a carriage for her wedding. On Monday we started by looking at carriages and their wheels. We made an axle board so we could decide which axle holder was the best for us to use on our carriage. 


Technology Week

On Tuesday we designed an planned our carriages for Cinderella.

Technology Week

Finally, we used our plans to build our own carriages for Cinderella. We solved Cinderella's problem by making the carriage waterproof and also making sure that everyone could see her. 

iMovie Cinema!

We made iMovies about Little Red Riding Hood.
We had a cinema in our class!
We ate popcorn and nachos!
We had a great time!

Look who visited our class...!

We introduced ourselves to Kim.
Alan answered lots of our questions.
Kim enjoyed lying in our carpet.
Bonny came to visit too!

Jesus' Special Friends!

We looked at the work of Keith Haring.
We used clay to make figures.
We had to use different techniques.
We made Jesus and his disciples!


We had a very special visitor... Galileo!
Galileo was a very important scientist.

Investigating Materials!

First we wrote what we knew about materials.
We investigated the materials properties.
Does it stretch?
Can you squash it?
We recorded our results in a table.


Danny showed us how to play dodgeball.
We really enjoyed it!
We can't wait for our next game.!
In literacy we wrote adjectives to describe winter. We used different objects linked with winter to help us. 

Winter Adjectives!

"Cosy and Snuggly"

Computer Coding!

We had great fun!
We programmed fish to swim.
We had our first coding lesson.


Reading with Class 8!

We enjoy it when Class 8 come and read with us!

African Drumming!

Still image for this video
We played African drums with Mr Biney. We had to listen carefully and keep the beat.

Children in Need!

We dressed up to raise money for Children in Need!

Remembrance Day!

Diwali Day!

We went to Africa!

Please take your seats...
Take off!
Anything from the trolley?
Yes please!
It took a long time, we needed a sleep!

Our Senses Walk!

The wind blew the trees and we felt it on our face
We saw beautiful berries
As we walked we heard the leaves crunch
We touched prickly beech nuts
After our senses walk we wrote prayers to thank God for what we had seen. 
In our assembly we talked about our school motto "Love, Challenge, Inspire". We looked at how Jesus loved, challenged and inspired other people. To show this we used the bible story "The Great Catch of Fish". 


In Maths we counted to ten in French.
We worked out the price of our French food.
Then we ate it.
We had a great time!

We have been finding out about our senses!

Feel what is in the sock...
Listen carefully to the sounds...
What can you smell?
I think it is mint!
We used our eyes in a memory game!

Making Fruit Kebabs!

Washing the fruit.
We had to peel the fruit.
Carefully, we chopped the fruit.
We chose our favourite fruits to put on our kebab.
They were delicious!

Our First RE Journey!

Going on a journey...
What story are we learning about?
We painted our favourite part of the creation.
We used watercolours.
Matthew painted a tree!
What a lovely picture Grace!

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