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Money Mentors

A new lesson in which we learnt about 'Financial Risks' was led by Max, Caitlin, Chloe and Kane. They did a great job explaining all the different ways we can borrow money and how some creditors can lead us into more debt. We learnt about the dangers of gambling and played a game to show how gambling usually means we lose money.

Our new team of Money Mentors have been trained and delivered their first lesson today to their classmates in Class 11. Oscar, Joshua, Olivia and Olivia taught us about the 'World of Work'; about salaries, wages and how professions vary in salary. We learnt that doctors earn the highest of salaries due to the amount of training they need to do. We learnt that teachers earn more than firefighters and policemen. The average wage in Britain is £26,000 but Wayne Rooney earns £2.5 million!!

The next lesson teaches us the demands on our salaries from daily living. The whole programme aims to teach us the importance of being sensible with our money and the dangers of overspending and going into debt.

Our 'new' teachers did a fantastic job today and the whole class enjoyed their lesson.