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Design and Technology

Throughout English, History and Design Technology, we have been looking at the Ancient Egyptian period. 

The children worked extremely hard by researching how the Ancient Egyptians transported water from the famous River Nile, using a special device called a shaduf.

Working in pairs, the children designed, created and evaluated their own shaduf.



Class 7 have brought our literacy work on 'The Penguin and the Ostrich' to life by making a cam mechanism. We investigated how cams work and how movement can be generated. We experimented with how different shaped cams make a different movement and selected one for each character in our Aesop Fable.
The taste of Greece came to Class 7!  We taste evaluated shop bought houmous, tzatziki dips and pitta bread and then we made our own versions of them following a recipe.  We learned lots of new food technology skills.  We all thought the freshly made pitta bread was a taste sensation!  Lots of us decided we also really enjoyed the flavour of the houmous.  Take a look at our cooking skills......
Making the houmous.
Let's add some flavour!
Get those chickpeas in!
This is hard work!
Making the fresh dough for the pittas.
Hmmmm....I'm getting a hint of garlic!
Not sure about this flavour.
Our fresh out the oven Greek bread.
Evaluating the tastes and flavours.
Our taste evaluations.