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Religious Education

We attended St Peter's Church for the baptism of Amy Florence.

The congregation!
Father Peter lit the candle.
 Parents and godparents gathered around the font.
Father Peter used oil to make a cross on her head.
Father Peter poured water on the baby's head.
The congregation welcomed the baby.
 Jesus is  the light of the world.
Certificates were given to the godparents.
A baptism certificate.

We looked at churches from around the world.

We wrote a job advertisement for a disciple. We included the qualities that we thought Jesus would look for in a disciple.

During Holy Week we have looked at the work of the artist Jenny Hawke. The paintings inspired the children to produce some amazing and thoughtful writing.

We created clay bunnies to celebrate new life.

Our butterflies!

We went for a walk to spot signs of new life.

Feeding the 5000.

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.

Drums are played during the dragon parade.
Jason receives money as a New Year gift.
We made cards.
We painted blossom trees.
Kira wrote a fortune cookie message "shine friend"
We put chocolate coins in our money envelopes.
We made lanterns and dragons.

Our new journey to find out how special Jesus was.

We played pass the parcel!

A gift isn't always an object.
A smile is a gift!

Our journey to find out about gifts and gift bringers.


We used chalk to draw rangoli patterns.
We made divas.
We made cards to celebrate Diwali.
Mendhi hands.

We went on a woodland walk to say thank you to God for his wonderful creation.

Thank you for strawberries.
Thank you for pretty flowers.
Thank you for snails.
Thank you for red berries.
Thank you for unusual fungi.

Thank you God!

Still image for this video

We painted our favourite parts of the creation story.

Our first 'RE Journey'- God and Creation

We made our own creations, just like God did when he created the world.