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World War 2

Line of enquiry- ‘How long ago was World War 2?’


We worked in groups to explore the chronology of World War 2.  We placed different periods of History onto the correct place on the timeline, including periods we have studied before.  We then tried to work out where World War 2 would fit in on the timeline.  As a group we had to consider:


•    What else was going on at the time of World War 2?

•    How does it relate to WW1?  Is it a significant period of history? 

•    What came before it?  What came after? 

•    How long ago are we talking about?  What was the duration of the war?

•    What other observations can you make about the timeline?

Line of Enquiry- Why did Britain have to go to war in 1939?


If WW1 had been such a devastating war, why then did Britain go to war again just twenty years after

  the First World War had ended?  What reasons might there have been?


We began our lesson thinking about this 'Digging Deeper' question.  We then learned about the policy of appeasement which Chamberlain and the British government adopted to deal with Hitler at first.  We worked in groups to sort statements into reasons for and against using appeasement.  Some of us had some very strong opinions about whether appeasement was a good policy to use.  

Line of Enquiry- Why was it necessary for children to be evacuated?



‘How did Britain stand firm against the Germans?’


That was the question we were tasked with thinking about.  We worked in groups to read some clues and then had to try and match them to the event from WW2.  The events were all important reasons that helped Britain to stand firm against the German army.

How was propaganda used during WW2?


We have been exploring the concept of propaganda and how it was used effectively during WW2.  

Line of Enquiry- Why is it so difficult to be sure what life on the Home Front was really like?


We learned about censorship and how the government censored certain information/pictures/posters to ensure that morale at home was kept high during the war.  We became government censors and had to decide which propaganda poster should be published and which should be censored.

Eva brought in an anti air-raid shell that a family friend found in Heaton Park in Manchester.  It has the date of 1943 on the bottom.  The class were fascinated to look at it and we were surprised by just how heavy it was.