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King of the Sky

You could hear a pin drop today in class 10, as we listened to the end of the story 'King of the Sky'.  After reading the ending, we wrote in character as Mr Evans, the old man in the story.  Have a look at some our fabulous writing...........

We have begun work on our fantastic class text for the term- 'King of the Sky' by Nicola Davies.  We looked at the front cover (with the title hidden) and had a discussion about what we thought the book might be about and what themes it might contain.  

We looked closely at the intriguing illustration a few pages in, of where the book is set.  We worked in pairs to use our zones of relevance to decide whether certain vocabulary was an effective way of describing the setting.  We then used a thesaurus to help build up some great ideas for vocabulary, which we will use to develop our own descriptions.

Our wonderful 'ing' clause starter sentences to describe the birds flying...........