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Class 10 have made preparatory drawings for a print project based on ‘The Highwayman’. We used mark-making materials to create atmosphere and scene setting for ‘The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas’.


We have investigated how to draw the human figure in our sketchbooks.

We then looked at how the sculptor, Giacometti, sculpted the human figure in metal. We practised drawing in proportion and then studied our own bodies during P.E. and our gymnastics lesson.

We have been challenged by Mrs Kirk to make 2 figures depicting a mirror, matching or counter balance with a 2 figure sculpture.

Today we all gained 3 dojo points for perseverance.

Giacometti's figure sculptures
Matching balance used to inspire our sculptures
Matching balance used to inspire our sculptures
Matching balance used to inspire our sculptures
Mirrored balance used to inspire our sculptures
Counter balance used to inspire our sculptures
Twisting and sculpting
2 pairs of hands are helpful!
Suzie's completed matching balances
Kelsey’s counter balance
Millie’s matching crab balances

We have studied the sculpture of British artist, Anthony Caro.

We experimented and played with shapes to create abstract sculptures. We considered the 3-d nature of our maquettes; how they changed from different angles, how some angles were better than others, which positions seemed to have more energy than others, how the sculpture worked in relation to the table, did the colours enhance or distract and finally the interaction when viewed on a coloured surface.

We were adventurous and individual despite starting with similar shapes. We persevered whilst making the sculpture self-supporting.

Still Life with shading and tone

We improved our observational studies by drawing a still life with fruit and shiny teapots. We added extra challenge by drawing in candlelight to further explore how we can create atmosphere through shading. We had investigated shading in our sketchbooks but now used our manipulation of materials for a significant drawing.

To follow on from our PSHCE work inspired by the artist Keith Haring, we have sculpted 3-d figures. The challenge was only to use 2 sheets of cheap paper, masking tape and the a layer of kitchen towel and PVA glue to add strength and fix our body language positions.