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Design Technology

Beech class have had a busy DT focus week making a Roman catapult.  We started by exploring how the mechanism of a catapult works and worked together with a group to create a prototype.  We then designed our own catapult and finally created it using a whole host of technical skills.  We can't wait to try them out, before evaluating our end product.

We were visited by the Fun Food Chef, who helped us to develop our food technology skills.  We had the opportunity to help prepare a variety of savoury and sweet dishes around an Italian theme to link with our topic 'A Pizza Pompeii'.  We had to prepare the dough for our pizzas, we well as helping to chop the vegetables for toppings.  We also had the opportunity to make and taste caponata, risotto and even Roman squid.   We learned about how to fillet the squid in before it is cooked and how to remove the bones.  Finally, we made strawberry mess and a grape mocktail.  We were all very open to trying out some new flavours and textures we had never tried before.  

Evaluating our produce!
We learned all about how we need to have a healthy and varied balanced diet by exploring a food pyramid.
We researched about seasonality of food and discovered how some products taste better in different seasons.  We talked about how some produce cannot be grown in the UK, either at all or at certain times of the year so we have to import them from another country.  We talked about the drawbacks of importing food that is not locally grown.