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Life Explorers

To begin our life explorers topic, we worked in small groups and were each given a different age band to think about.  We had to decide what kinds of things we would expect to be happening to someone in that age band and what milestones you might expect to see.  We came up with some great ideas!

Gestation Gurus


We played a game to see if we could work out the different gestation periods for different mammals, including humans.  We learned that gestation is the process by which a mammal grows a baby and is the time between conception and birth.  Once we had worked out the correct gestation periods for different mammals, we were challenged to spot any patterns in the results.  We realised that there was a link between the size of the animal and how long it carried a baby for before giving birth.  

In most cases, the larger the animal the longer period of gestation.  Therefore, the smaller the animal, the shorter gestation time.  

We have been working scientifically in Beech class.  We worked in groups to measure our current height, then used the World Health Organisation growth charts to plot where our height would be.  We could then make a prediction on what our height might be when we are an adult.  It was interesting to compare results in our class.