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Ethos Conference Day at St James'

On Friday Alannah, Amelia, Millie and Oliver went to St James’ for a Worship Day and to do fun activities about Jesus and God. When we arrived there we were put into groups ‘Matthew’ and ‘John’. Mrs Bolton was making some new friends too! Alannah and Oliver were in Matthew’ group and Amelia and Millie went into John’ group. First Matthew’ group made a book about what Jesus did for us with the colours black, red, white, green and yellow each representing something different. Meanwhile John’ group acted out the ‘Storm Story’ from the Bible, before we made an iMovie while making some new friends. Matthew’ group retold ‘The Feeding of the 5000’ using iMovie before both groups had fun orienteering and then both groups made a book mark and a flower pot. Finally, we had an assembly all together on the theme of ‘good news’ and we had to write about what we liked about it. When we left we even got a goodie bag! Thank you for inviting us St James’.

Written by Alannah & Amelia.