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Religious Education

Today we went to St Peter's church to have a "baptism". We baptised Amy Florence. We had parents and God parents! Father Peter made a cross symbol using oil on Amy Florence' head and poured water onto her. We also said prayers we would say at a baptism. 

This afternoon we visited the Easter garden. It was a time for prayers and reflection. The children used the time to gather our thoughts and say a little prayer.
We have been learning about the Easter story as part of Holy Week in school. Here are some great examples of some of the children's retell writing of the last supper.  
This afternoon we looked at a painting by Jenny Hawke. We worked in groups to discuss how we individually interpret the painting. 

This afternoon we made some clay pots to represent when Jesus turned water into wine

This morning we celebrated 'Hope' in our class worship. The children told the story how the Israelites were told to leave their homes and not to follow God. God sent a message through John the Baptist to a man called Isaiah to tell the Israelites that the light was coming. Jesus came and showed them there was light and hope. 
We created a poppy wreath to remember those who were died or injured in the wars. 

RE Journey - God and Creation

We made our own creations, just like God did when he created the world.