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Good to be me, good to be back!


We had a great first day back developing our sketching skills.  We had different attempts at drawing eyes and noses.  Just look at the progress we made from our first attempts......



We have been exploring the work of artists who use wire in their artwork, such as Barbara Licha and Celia Smith.  We then became wire artists ourselves to create our own bird wire sculptures.  
Our finished wire birds.....

The Big Draw


We had a fun afternoon developing our drawing and sketching skills of flowers.  Instead of working in our sketchbooks, we worked as a group on a long roll of paper which stretched across our table.  It was quite tricky to draw the flowers from still life!




We have been learning all about how mosaics were used in Ancient Roman times and watched a video clip of a mosaic that has recently been uncovered in Leicester.  After our research, we explored geometric patterns and created our own mini mosaics.  Finally, we found out about the work of a contemporary mosaic artist called Jason Dussault and compared Ancient Roman mosaics with the modern artwork he creates.


















Our Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art