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Monday 3rd February 


Maple class were lucky to have Father Peter visit our class today. He talked us through the Last Eucharist service.

The children were able to try the bread and wine (Vimeo) and were able to tell Father Peter what each item represented and why they are important. 

Why Christians celebrate the Eucharist?


We started our new topic today, all about the Eucharist. We started of by thinking about what it was we already knew about it. 


We then hen looked at the BDBE poster of the last supper. Whilst looking at the poster, I read a passage about the last supper from The Book of Mark. The children made links from the story and the poster. 

We started a new topic this week ‘Christmas Around the World’ 


We had a class discussion about what Christmas means to us in both a secular and a religious way. 


We we spoke about the Christmas Story. We also compared Matthew’s version and Luke’s version. 

We are looking at the book of Daniel, for out fort topic in RE.


We started our journey by brainstorming all that we knew 

about him. As you can see, there is not much there. Come back later to see how much more we can add to our mind map of Daniel.

The first story we looked at was, ‘Daniel Taken to Babylon’


We had a class discussion about all of the emotions and feelings that Daniel would have been feeling. We took pictures of 6 different emotions of feeling so we could annotate them afterwards in our books.