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We have been finding out about the effect cigarettes and alcohol might have on our body.  We carried out a diamond ranking to try and decide which was the worst negative aspect of smoking.
The week beginning the 16th November in school was a special week as we took part in friendship week and marked anti-bullying week.  We took part in special assemblies in class, designed our own pair of odd socks, wore our own odd socks on the Friday and explored strategies to deal with bullying and the different forms that bullying can take.  In Beech class, we are all united against bullying!

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"


Beech class have had a lovely day celebrating World Kindness day.  We had discussed the day before all our ideas for showing random acts of kindness towards people and how we could brighten up someone's day.  The children have been busy today leaving secret kind notes for each other, holding doors open, passing on smiles and Laila even received a beautiful friendship rainbow ornament in her tray.  The staff also created acts of kindness for each other.  Mrs Casey need never feel homesick again with her shortbread and Irn Bru for comfort!


We also raised money for Children in Need day by dressing up and taking part in the 'Act your age' workout challenge.  

For 'Hello Yellow' Day we took part in activities which helped us with our own well-being.  We tried out some desk yoga and dance, which was very relaxing.  We also created our own positivity banner messages- these will be displayed in our classroom so we can look at them when we need some support or a little pick me up.  Thank you to all the children who brought in so many coppers and money for a great cause.......we managed to make very long trails with the money brought in!

School Council Elections

We have been exercising our democratic rights by voting in our school council elections. We all had the opportunity to write our own manifestos, campaign and finally vote for who should be our elected school councillors.  We have had the opportunity for our voices to be heard and our views to be taken into consideration as to who we would like to represent our class. We discussed why it is important in our society to have a democracy, where everyone has an equal vote. We know that in some countries, this is not the case.

We have been thinking about how not only do we need to keep our bodies healthy, but our minds too.  We thought about some different ways we enjoy taking a break when we feel like we need one......
We have been reflecting on people who were inspiring during the lockdown period.  We learned about Sir Tom Moore, who raised £32 million for the NHS and we also discussed why we are so grateful for the NHS.  Lewis made an excellent point that in some countries you have to pay for medical care, but we are very fortunate in the UK that it is free for everyone.  We also watched a video clip about a teacher called Zane Powles who walked over five miles every day to deliver school lunches to children who were unable to attend school during this time.  We learned that lots of us in the class had stories to tell of acts of kindness shown during the lockdown.  

Hand hygiene Experiment