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We have been busy tending our flower/plant beds in the garden, ready to plant new vegetables soon.

We linked science and nature with art and literacy and made our own versions of London landmarks.

Rocket seeds have been planted in Class 6! We are taking part in a nationwide experiment planting and nurturing seeds which have been in the International Space Station with Tim Peake.

Classes 4 and 6 investigated how water changes from a solid to a liquid during our work on polar animals in literacy.

Classes 4 and 6 investigated how blubber keeps polar animals warm by using oil and lard in ice water.

Today classes 4 and 6 tested different liquids to see which ones would roll down the tray the quickest and why.

The children tested unlabelled tins to see how they rolled down a ramp. They then had to decide what might be in each tin.

Classes 4 and 6 used a variety of bin liners, filled them with air, and used them as space hoppers. We had great fun until they popped!