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Religious Education

We re-enacted the Last Supper.

Reflection time in the Easter Garden.

We began our new R.E topic by discussing 'The Big Story' and linking it to 8 key concepts - God, People of God, Incarnation, Salvation, Fall, Gospel, Creation and Kingdom of God. We linked each word to the symbol. The frieze created lots of discussion.
We began by talking about the effect that the wind and light has on us and the landscape. Jesus also affects us. We talked about how he can change the lives of people. After reading the story of Zaccheus, we put him in the hot seat to find out how Jesus changed his life.

We thought about the people that could change our lives, just like Jesus changed the lives of Zaccheus, the leper and many others. We made a 'changemaker chain' to represent all these people.

We have been learning about Gods Prophets. Samuel was called by God as a young boy. After reading the story from the Old Testament in the Bible, we decided to put Samuel in the hot seat and ask him some questions.