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The children in class 1 decorated biscuits to help classes 7 and 8 raise money for the Bishops Harvest Fund. They look delicious!

We made a poppy wreath to remember the soldiers who fought in the war.

Our finished wreath!

We have been collecting items for people who may not receive a Christmas present. The children chose to send our two shoeboxes to a baby and a grandparent. They took a long time to decide and put a lot of thought into it.

We have been thinking about resilience and perseverence in our worship.We were given two challenges and didn't give up until we had achieved them.

We have been thinking about friendship. Friends are very special. They are a 'treasure'. We made our own circle of friends.

Jesus rode through Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. The crowds shouted 'Hosanna!' We acted out the story and made palm leaves.

The children were really proud of their Mother's Day cards.

Today we learnt about The Last Supper. We broke the bread in remembrance of Jesus' body and drank blackcurrent juice in remembrance of Jesus' blood.

Evie made her own Easter card in continuous provision.

Easter writing