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Global Renewables Trip

Global Renewables

January 2016


In Year 6 we have taken part in the Global Renewables Project.


In Week One, Sue visited us to introduce us to the theme of 'Natural Solutions'.  We learnt about the raw materials that are used to create the products we use every day.

Did you know Crude Oil (which is made out of dead sea creatures) is used to make plastic?

We completed lots of eye opening activities and were amazed to discover how wasteful we can be with these resources.


In week two, we went on a trip to the 'Global Renewables Waste Recovery Facility'.

During the day we completed a fantastic experiment to learn how metal ore is extracted from rocks, and just how many resources are used up or wasted through this extraction.

We then went on an eye opening tour of the facility.  We saw how all our rubbish is sorted and collected.  We were amazed by the shear scale of the place and the huge quantities of waste produced.  

We have realised the impact we have on the planet and our responsibility to protect the planet and do our bit by recyling where-ever possible.