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SPELLING BEE - Well done to everyone. You were great! Our finalists were amazing on stage. A huge well done to Evie who was the overall winner for the lower juniors.


We love Sarah's book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' which is our shared reading text for this half term. We've been so lucky to arrange a visit from Sarah.

She read the book to us then explained her life as a lover of nature especially marine animals. She is a naturalist who works with marine animals to find out how they behave and often swims with these beautiful creatures. 

She taught us some facts about sharks and stingrays, she showed us sharks' teeth and a stingray's barb.

Her message is to love and appreciate the beauty of our planet and to look after it. She sees the damage that plastic pollution does in the oceans and wanted to spread awareness through her books.

She was a lovely person with a great message to inspire us.

We love Sarah's story
What's its message?
Stanley was a plastic bag in the ocean.
A lemon shark's tooth.
Explaining food chains