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Reception Phonics

We are now moving  onto phase 3 of our phonics. It is still important that phase 2 sounds are practised. These can be found above on the 'phase 2' page. The sounds that the children have learnt will be on the website so you can practise with your child. 


Please ensure you are practising the sounds we have learnt with your child. They must be able to recognise the sound by sight, write the sound down without it being seen, write a word down by orally breaking down they word (using robot arms) and read simple words that include the sounds we have learnt by breaking them down. If you need any help practising phonics, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

The phase 3 sounds we have learnt so far:
j v w x y z zz qu ch
sh th ng ai  ee igh oa





ar or ur ow oi