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In reception we are focussing on phase 2 sounds and high frequency words. We learn the sounds in order to start segmenting and blending words. High frequency words are learnt on-sight to support reading and spelling.

Phase 2 Sounds


s a t p i n m
d g o c k ck e
u r h b ff f l
ll ss          



Phase 2 and 3 High frequency and Tricky words 

These are the words your child needs to be able to instantly read independently before the end of reception.

I the you me him up get for away said some what
a to they be mum on cat this day going have there
in no was she dad are dog yes like play so one
it go my he can at big look come went do when
and is we her of all am see want little were out
as into put but back got not an had his off was


Useful phonic resources and documents to help support your child at home:
Jolly Phonics Actions

Exploring our letters and sounds during continuous provision 😊

Autumn 2- This term we are focusing on learning to blend sounds together to read and write words independently 👍🏻

Autumn 2- Phonics during continuous provision- reading and writing CVC words independently 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻