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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Ben Holmes - Headteacher

                            Designated Senior Leader for Safeguarding

                            Designated Teacher for CLA and Post-CLA

                            Assessment Leader

                            Teaching & Learning Leader

                            Whole School Curriculum and Planning Leader



Miss Rachel Brown -  Deputy Headteacher 

                                   Whole School Curriculum and Planning Leader

                                   English Leader

                                   Assessment Leader

                                   RE Leader



Senior Management Team

Mrs L. Davies - EYFS & Key Stage 1 Leader, Maths Leader & Pupil Premium Champion (on Mat Leave from Sept)

Mrs A. Kirk - Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, Pupil Premium Champion, Maths Leader and Art & Design Leader

Miss J. Blackburn - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader, English Leader, RE Leader and British Values Leader

Mrs S. Nelson - SENDCo, EAL Leader, Backup Designated Leader for Safeguarding & Behaviour Leader

Mrs M. Eastham - Temporary EYFS & Key Stage 1 Leader, Maths Leader & Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs J. Kirk - School Business Manager - Health & Safety and Buildings Management


Class Teachers                                                                 Subject Responsibilities

Blossom  - Miss K. Walsh                                                 Outdoor Learning and School Council                                          

Ash - Mrs E. Simpson                                                       Worship, Ethos Group and Phonics

Elm - Mrs H.Jenkinson                                                      Computing                                         

Almond - Mrs M.Eastham                                                  P.E.          

Birch - Mr T. Belcher                                                                                                          

Cedar - Mrs S. Mews                                                         Science

Elder - Mrs L Robinson (Monday -- Wednesday)              Design and Technology

            Mrs J Rypel (Wednesday - Friday)                        Geography

Hawthorn - Mrs A. Kirk                                                       Maths and Art

Maple - Miss L. Stephens                                                  PE                                                                 

Beech - Mrs C. McBride (Monday - Wednesday)              Music and SMSC / British Values

              Mrs S. Casey (Wednesday - Friday)                   History and AGT

Oak - Miss J.  Blackburn                                                   English and RE 

Chestnut  - Mrs L. Riggs (Mornings)                                 MFL (French)

Library Class - Miss R Brown                                            English and RE

Juniper - Mrs S Nelson 


Class Teacher Release - Mrs N. Taylor                            PSHCE


Child & Family Support Worker

Mrs J. McClellan BA Hons - Deputy DSL for Safeguarding


Higher-Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs T. Bolton - Learning Mentor 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Little (TA Level 3) - EYFS

Mrs L. Elliott (TA Level 3) - EYFS

Mrs A. Malik - Library Class

Miss A. Tatlock - Cedar Class

Mrs B. Raymond - Elder Class and Elm Class

Mrs S. Walker - Elder Class

Mrs D. Brennand - Almond Class

Mrs S. Burrows - Birch Class

Mrs A. Jennings - Elm Class

Mrs E. Jepson  - Oak Class

Mrs H. Hankinson - Elder Class

Mrs A. Mulvaney  - Beech Class



Office Staff

Mrs J Kirk - School Business Manager

Mrs D. Brocken - Secretary & Attendance Officer


Site Supervisor

Mr K Reid


School Counsellor

Chavala -


Welfare Staff

Mrs S Casewell - Midday Supervisor

Mrs H Livesey

Mrs L Wareing

Mrs L Harrison

Mrs S Brookes

Mrs M Hall


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Dervan - Cook

Mrs S Crompton

Miss S Murphy




Mrs M. Golebiowska-Baryla

Mrs T Macartan