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We used sticks from the garden and wire to make wonderful stick insects.

We went out into the local environment to spot trees, plants and flowers.

We researched different animals and then created our own graphic organisers.

We sorted animals into groups.

We sorted materials and then worked together to find the odd one out.

Cinderella's coachman asked us to test materials to find out which ones were waterproof.

We tested bubble mixture for Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella visited Class 3. She needed a new mop because her stepsisters had broken hers.

Investigating the properties of different materials.

Class 3 astronauts!

We investigated which light source was the brightest.

We made craters!

Who did I grow up to be?

We have been busy using our senses.

Parts of the body

In science we labelled our bodies.