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Queen's and St Peter's 90th Birthday Celebration!

This week we are celebrating the Queen and St Peter’s 90th birthday!  We started the week by reading the story "The Queen's Birthday". In the story, the Queen hasn't got a crown to wear on her birthday. Mr Wiggins, the Master of Ceremonies, showed her lots of different crowns but she didn't like any of them. At the end of the story the Queen asked the children of St Peters to make her a crown. The children then all designed her a crown and after school I went to the post office and sent all the children's designs. On Wednesday morning a letter was sent through the post thanking the children for their designs. In order for her to choose a crown she has asked all the children to write a description of their designed crown! The children then wrote a description about their crown. The children then got to make their crown! 

Here are some descriptions the children wrote! 
We ended the week by having a very special assembly, where lots of guests were invited such as the Major, past pupils and teachers! There was a procession of crowns - a child from each class walked down the aisle and was presented their crown by the Major. Each child then talked about a value their class had been thinking about a said a few reasons why they like St Peter's school. 
In the afternoon, the children had an exciting array of different activities such as playing traditional games, watching a magic show, having a tea cup ride and even sitting in a police car and trying on police uniform! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week that the children have loved!