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Solids, liquids and gases

Understanding what a solid, liquid and gas looks like

Using a thermometer to measure the temperature of different objects

We investigated the properties of solids and liquids by making cornflour slime. We mixed a little cornflour with water and found out that it behaves very strangely. If we kept the slime moving in our hand, it acted like a solid. We could even roll it into a ball and throw it to a partner (if we were feeling brave!). However, the second we stopped moving it in our hands, the slime acted like a liquid, going very runny and appearing to melt in our hands. When we tried to stir the slime or apply pressure, it was rock hard and really thick. If we moved our hands more slowly through it or tipped the bowl to the slide, it acted like a liquid. Cornflour slime is a special substance called ‘Non-Newtonian fluid’, because it doesn’t behave how we would expect it to.