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Tuesday 7th January 2020


Food Technology - Pretzels


During today's lesson, we taste tested 6 different flavours of pretzels (both savoury and sweet). 

We then evaluated each one and rated them on their, appearance, texture, smell and taste. 


Thursday 9th January 2020


Making pretzels.


Throughout the day, in groups, children took it in turns to make their own pretzels.


Using different equipment, they had to weigh out all of their ingredients and mix them in the correct order. Kneading the dough proved to be a difficult task, but Maple class didn't let the task defeat them. 


They made savoury pretzel's. During the afternoon's lesson, the children go the chance to taste and evaluate their creations. We tried adding a sweet jam to our pretzel to see if we referred sweet or savoury. Why not ask your child to see which one they preferred?