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3-d Sculptures


Inspired by our class novel, 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley', Hawthorn Class have reused plastic packaging as a material for making sculptures. The material is superb as it is extremely malleable and we have been able to sculpt jellyfish bodies.

First we made drawings and paintings in sketchbooks so that we could understand the shape and form of jellyfish then used packaging, masking tape and then PVA and kitchen roll to sculpt a 3-d model.

To follow on from our PSHCE work inspired by the artist Keith Haring, we have sculpted 3-d figures. The challenge was only to use 2 sheets of cheap paper, masking tape and the a layer of kitchen towel and PVA glue to add strength and fix our body language positions.

Class 3 (Year1) used sticks from the garden and wire to create some wonderful stick insects.

Wire Sculptures - Butterflies

To compliment our new whole school banner, 'He is Risen', this set of artists have sketched butterflies and improved our observational skills and then developed their drawings into 3-d wire sculptures. Not only art skills have been tested but perseverance, sticking to a task, and not allowing a tricky material get the better of us! Just look at the result! 

Amazing skills from Y3
Fantastic drawing skills as well
Perseverance from Y6
Mia didn't give up even though is was tricky
Y6 helped to cut wire for the other year groups
Y3 with no assistance from Mrs Kirk
Jayden attacked this task like a professional
Katie was worried but look at her result
Year 6 have been inspired by the the artist Keith Haring, to explore our motto - Love, Challenge and Inspire. We've been challenged to make 3-d figures from 2 pieces of paper, then covered in PVA and kitchen towel. We experimented with inspiring body language. Keith has given us the ideas for a great classroom.