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We carried out a pattern seeking investigation to see if bulbs would be dimmer or brighter when more bulbs were added to the circuit.

We predicted and tested different circuits to see if they would work.

What a great start to our new science topic, with a visit from Bright Sparks, who taught us how to make simple circuits and the best types of insulators and conductors.

We made games based around ‘Snakes and Ladders’ to explain how to look after our teeth.

We made a model of the digestive system to help the children to understand how our body works.

These were the results of our observations over time.

We examined the effects of the liquids on the egg shells.

We began an experiment to look at the effects of everyday drinks on our teeth. We’ll check the results in five days.

To reinforce our understanding of teeth, we made our own set using plasticine and polymorph.

As we began our topic on teeth, we used mirrors to have a look at the types of teeth in our mouths.