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Class 3

We used different types of paper to make fish. We found out that the air made the fish move. We tested the fish using different flappers and then chose the one we thought would win the race.

We made kites, tested them and modified our design. We found out that kites need air to fly.

We carried out an experiment to find out how polar bears stay warm in the icy water.

We looked at the properties of water. Our challenge was to free the penguin.

We built habitats for woodland animals.

We went into our local environment with our friends in Class 6. We used edu-cache to find woodland animals.

We found out about Alexander Fleming and his work.

We thought about the things we put into our body. We discovered what happens to the things our body doesn't need.

We went on a walk to spot signs of Autumn.

We found out what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

Class 3 created a food pyramid.