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Class 3

The children enjoyed Mr Anwar’s visit.

Class 3 enjoyed their visit to St Peter’s Church.

We listened to the Bible story about Jacob’s dream. We then looked at the work of Marc Chagall and used pastels to create a picture representing the story.

We are learning about Easter symbols. We all made a wire cross.

We discussed the concept "Salvation" and then decided where to place Easter on the Big Frieze.

Easter Symbols! We enjoyed finding out why we eat special food at Easter.

We wrote a letter in role, as a leper thanking Jesus.

Class 3 looked at the concepts: Creation, God, Incarnation, Gospel and Salvation. The children then wrote about their interpretation of the picture.

The Big Story - We used magnifying glasses and became Bible detectives.

Remembrance Day

Class 3 enjoyed learning about Diwali. The children made cards and divas.

We made a class Bible which contained our favourite stories.

Class 3 enjoyed looking at different Bibles.