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Drawing Skills


Hawthorn have read 'The Tin forest'. From this book, we took one quote and have created images from our imagination to express the character's dream.


Could we fill a large circle with drawings from our imagination? We needed to work as a group. After 5 minutes we needed to rotate around the circle and start drawing in a new place. We used all our marking making tools - we had free choice from 2B, 6B, charcoal, chalk, graphite sticks, pens.

Figure Drawing in Year 6

We used charcoal and chalk to explore proportions in figure drawing. We used observational skills to understand how the size of a head helps to determine the size of torsos and in turn length of legs. We noticed that arms and hands reach down to the thigh which helped us determine the length of arms.

The next challenge was to use this knowledge to draw a believable character from 'The Wizard of Oz'. We added a little colour with chalk pastels.

Class 4 used charcoal and graphite sticks to draw London monuments.

Improving our drawing skills. We investigated light and shade with 6b, charcoal and chalk and graphite sticks. We arranged a still life collection of candles, fabric, fruit and objects.