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We had a wonderful day learning all about Fairtrade and about where some of our food comes from.  Cath from the Blackburn Diocese World Development Group visited our school to tell us more about this important cause.  We learned how Fairtrade is all about giving a fair price to farmers and other workers in countries, which grow and harvest many of the products we use in our country, from tea to bananas.  We found out about how many of these workers live in poverty with no access to clean drinking water.  By buying products with the Fairtrade symbol, we can help to ensure that a fair price is given for the work they undertake.  We can help to ensure a more equal and fair society.  It was lovely to see the children take on board this important issue.  They had some super questions for Cath and all were keen to look for Fairtrade items next time they shop.  


As a school we are going to try and hold some Fairtrade events, where we can promote what we have learned and spread the word.  Keep a look out for our future events!

KS2 leading our Fairtrade assembly...