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Fraction Fridays

Fraction Friday in Hawthorn- Drawing equal bars to help us visualise what fractions look like and shading multiple parts to determine which are larger/smaller.

Fraction Fridays in Year 6! We have been playing fraction games to help us learn key facts and we have also created our own fraction games! Great fun!

Ash Class had to fold their piece of card in half to make a lantern.


Now we played the game with 1/4's. We collected quarters by throwing a dice in a one minute challenge. Then we worked out our whole ones and left over quarters. We worked out how many cards we have by multiplying our whole ones by 4.

Next we made drawings on bars and pies to split shapes up and shade fractions. We then took this concept by splitting a number as well.

Year 5 have been recapping how to find a fraction of a number.  We used counters to support our understanding of how we can find different fractions of a number. We have now worked out a strategy for working it out so that we don't need counters each time.


To help us consolidate learning over lockdown, each Friday every class goes back to Fractions and we remind ourselves of some key learning in fractions.

Today Hawthorn played the 'Halves Game' with a partner. How many halves can we collect in 1 minute and then work out how many whole ones we have.

We also noticed that it if we earned 10 cards we had 5 wholes ones. We noticed a pattern = 12 cards would equal 6 wholes etc.

24/09/2021 Today in Maple, the children were given a mix match of cards. Some of the had pictures of fractions on and the rest had just the fractions. They had to match the pictures with the fractions.

Once they had done this, they were asked to find equivalent fractions.