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Friendship Week

As it's friendship week, the class 4 designed their own 'new friend' using the values we have in our class.The children then introduced their 'new friend' to the class.  The children were given the option to be filmed sharing their 'new friend'. Check out the videos below! 



Our 'Silent Debate'

More love in our school!

Look how Year 1 came to Class 11 to teach Year 6 how to make an Easter card. We had to listen to the experts who showed us how not to waste materials and make a lovely Easter celebration pop up card.

Year 6 children in Class 11 teamed up with Year 3 and 4 in Class 8 to teach the younger children how to use powerpoint. The theme for the powerpoints was 'Friendship'. By teaching Class 8, Year 6 proved the best of friends by passing on their ICT skills and nurturing some of our younger children.

Class 8 have been thinking about what makes a good friend!

Class 1 have created a poster to remind us that is very important to be a good friend.

Circle time in classes 7 and 8. We discussed what a bully was and how we could prevent it in school.