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Life Education Bus

Classes 7 and 8 had a lot of fun and learned lots of interesting information in the Life Education Bus today.  We found out all about important organs in our body, including the lungs.  We learned how smoking cigarettes could affect our lungs and how it can cause breathing problems as well as other diseases.  We were shocked to learn that the liver has over 500 different jobs to do in our body.  We also explored how our brain works and sends messages around our body.  

Finally, we met Harold the giraffe and thought about how we can reach compromises with our friends, rather than falling out.  It was a really enjoyable and informative session.

This afternoon Class 4 went on the Life Education Bus! We learnt all about the different food groups we can eat to have a balanced diet! We have also learnt all about the different body parts. We then met Harold the giraffe and we helped him designed a healthy lunchbox! We then learnt the importance of sleep and a good night's sleep! 

Class 8 Year 4

Quotes from the children in class 8.


"I have enjoyed the Life Education Bus. We talked about the decisions that we make."   Hope


"I have learnt that you need to compromise and not be selfish."   George L


"I have learnt that we have a small and a large intestine in our body."   Jayden


"Smoking is bad for you and everybody who us around you."  Toni


"I have learnt that everyone is unique and not the same."   Jasmine