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Science Week

Class 8 had a fantastic time during science week! We had great fun making craters and rockets!

Investigating a force!
Finding different ways!
Making a moving door!
Investigating different size craters!
Will a larger meteorite make bigger crater?
Exploring and investigating!
Having fun!

Popping rockets 2!

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Popping rockets launched in Class 6

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Mrs Simpson and Mrs Mews launch the children's rockets and get very wet and muddy!

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Classes 4 and 6 designed water rockets which Mrs Simpson and Mrs Mews then launched on the school field.

On our final day of Science week Class 6 designed, tested and evaluated their own rockets.

SCIENCE WEEK in Upper Juniors

Our challenge is to build a moon buggy which is motorised and that will also use some kind of solar energy. Watch 'Liam' the avatar who helped set our challenge.

We investigated making axles and selecting the best axle for our purpose. We explored circuits with motors and batteries. We harnessed solar power with an LED light powered by a solar panel.

This project was dominated by problem solving, perseverance, helping others to understand and manipulate their materials.

We explored forces acting on the moon buggy as well as circuitry.

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Class 2 have made their own rockets!

Science week was launched with a boom! A rocket landing on the stage and a series of challenges set for the children caused great excitement on Monday morning.

We used Liam the Avatar to help launch science week and he may pay us a visit later in the week to announce our prize winners!

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