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Yes it’s Science!


We worked in teams.

We observed what made our balloons move – the power of air pushing the balloon as the air rushed out.

We learnt how hairy string slowed down the balloon. “This is friction,” explained Rahim.

“The black wire is smoother so went faster,” explained Amy.

"The green string was ‘fuzzy’ with fibres so was slowed down. The fibres created more friction, ” explained Marlo and Ruby.

One team raced 2 rockets. Surprisingly, the smaller orange balloon went faster. “Perhaps it let the air out faster,” suggested Catrin.


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In Elder Class we carried out some very exciting science investigations which left the children squealing in delight! We were looking closely at cause and effect and some of the investigations had some big results!

Roald Dahl - Yes It's Science!

In Year 6, we took inspiration from some of Roald Dahl's stories to carry out different science experiments. We enjoyed our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed experiements using chocolate and sweets; we made a BFG Dream Jar lava lamp and we used recycling to make a see-saw like the one seen in The Enormous Crocodile! We focussed on extending our questioning skills and a Wonka chocolate bar was awarded as a prize for super questioning!

Today in Maple class, we created our own PH scale. 

Firstly, we created 'Red Cabbage Soup' linking it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Once we had the soup we strained to cabbage. by doing this we created 'anthocyanins. These change their colour depending on the PH of the solution added. 


The children had their own substance and had to guess if theirs would be more acidic or more alkaline. 


Why not have a go at home, see if you can create some potions of your own.

Today in KS1, we are celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday! We read some of George’s Marvellous Medicine and then we decided to make our own potion out of washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and food colouring. We added them all together in a test tube and investigated what happened. We repeated the experiment three times, each time we change something e.g. the order of ingredients and the amount of each ingredient.

Yes it’s Science! In Year 3, we worked in pairs to create our very own ‘Scribblebots’. The children were extremely enthusiastic, asking lots of great questions and constantly improving and evaluating their designs.

Our Scribblebots in action!

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In Year 6 Chestnut class we celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday by looking at the seesaw in the Enormous Crocodile before designing and building our own seesaws out of recycled materials. We also took inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and looked at how the colour can be removed from skittles with water.