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Ancient Greeks

We were given different sources of evidence which were connected to our new History topic.  Using the sources we had to dig deep and try to build historically valid hypotheses about which period of History it was and what clues the source contained.  Many of us quickly worked out it was the Ancient Greeks and we had some super hypotheses:

* "I think it is a building in Athens because it looked like the columns they used in their buildings."

* "I think this was their parliament because they invented democracy."

* "They  must have worshipped many Gods."

* "Their Gods were important to them if they made a sacrifice for them."

* "I think it shows a Grand Temple and it is high up on the hill to be closer to the Gods."

Line of enquiry- ‘Where do the Ancient Greeks fit in to the bigger picture?’


We worked in groups to explore the chronology of the Ancient Greek civilization.  We placed different periods of History onto the correct place on the timeline, including periods we have studied before.  We then tried to work out where the Ancient Greeks would fit in on the timeline.  As a group we had to consider:


•        What else was going on at the time of the Ancient Greek era?

•        Did the Ancient Greek period last long?  Is it a significant period of history? 

•        What came before it?  What came after? 

•        Can you hypothesise why it might have come to an end?

•        What other observations can you make about the timeline?


We had some super thinking for why the Ancient Greek era might have come to an end......

Joe said: "I think, knowing how brutal the Romans were going around capturing country by country, they invaded Greece and took over".


Max thought: "The Romans were starting to conquer lots and lots of Western Europe and Greece's hoplites were fending them off but seeing as Rome had a lot more soldiers, they were conquered and taken over."


Jade thought: "I think maybe it came to an end because Ancient Egypt wanted to be the longest time period, so they had a war and Greece came to an end."

UKS2 have been learning about Greek democracy. The word ostracism comes from the Greeks and we learnt what it meant and how people made their votes! We didn't osctracise anyone but we looked at the Greek alphabet!