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Learning about Malala in Class 4

Class 4 have being learning about a very brave girl called Malala. Malala enjoyed learning and loved going to school but one day the girls in Malala's country were told that they could not go to school anymore. However Malala said she had the right to an education so she would not stop going to school or learning. One day on the way to school a man stopped the bus and said "Who is Malala?" This man was one of those who did not want girls to go to school. Malala was shot because she had been brave enough to speak out and fight for her education. She was then taken to hospital and then to England for treatment. When she was in hospital getting better Malala kept learning by reading her books. 

Malala wanted to change the world. Class 4 wrote about Malala and the special things she did. We think that Malala is a very special and inspirational girl.