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Money Mentors

Jamielee and Kiera made the best teachers! We learnt about loans and credit scores. We discovered how easy it is to fall into debt especially when people lose their jobs. We learnt about the extortionate rates of interest from pay day loans and loan sharks. We played a gambling game and realised how most of us lost our pretend money.

Year 6 have yet again commenced our training to be Money Mentors. 4 children have been trained to deliver lessons to Year 5 in Class 10 about budgeting money within a household and the dangers of debt. Another 4 different children have been trained to deliver lessons to Year 6 in Class 11 to build on last year's lessons and, in particular, looking at the range of salaries for different professions and jobs. 


Mr Souter from 'Debt Aware' has been so impressed with our commitment to the programme that he has recommended that St. Peter's should aim to become an accredited school.

Daniel, Morgan, Leia and Louis have delivered their lesson to Year 5 in Class 10. The evaluation sheets congratulated the children on a really worthwhile lesson. Year 5 learned about needs compared to wants, how easy it is to get into debt and how its important to budget money. 

Benjamin, Chenille, Leah and Matthew have taught Class 11 about professions and salaries. We explored which professions are highly paid and why other jobs are not paid as much. We were surprised at how much doctors earn but realised they are highly trained with the best qualifications and have lots of responsibility. There was much discussion and in the evaluations most children said the teaching team was great and that the lesson did not need to be improved.


New Money Mentors came forward to be trained and will then deliver new modules to us. Great job team!

Year 6 have helped our school to be an accredited school for the Debt Aware programme. We have received our official plaque and Mr Souter came into our assembly to explain why our school as been rewarded with such an award. Our 'children teachers' have proved yet again how wonderful they are; helping others understand the real life complexity of money and making the right choices.