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Bug Club & PurpleMash

Bug Club

We are very lucky in school to have access to some fantastic resources, one of which is Bug Club!


What is Bug Club?

   Bug Club is a fantastic set of Literacy resources which we use within school and that can be accessed at home.


There is a fantastic set of e-books, which link to the books we use is classes with comprehension tasks within the books.


   Grammar and spelling bug is a series of activities, games and challenges all linked to the different year groups work on grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Phonics Bug is used within Key Stage One as our main teaching tool for developing children's phonetic skills.  There are also a wide range of physical and e-books linked to every one of the sounds and spelling rules taught.


Rapid Reading is a set of intervention catch up materials used throughout Key Stage 2 with identified children to boost their enjoyment and ability in reading, with fantastic results!

Every children is school has their own username and password, just ask your child's teacher for a copy and have a go together with you child at some of the fantastic games and resources available.

Click here to visit the website!


Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a fantastic resource which we have purchased for every child in school.

It has some brilliant tools, games and activities covering many areas of the curriculum including Literacy, Art, ICT and the new Computing syllabus.

Have a look and see what you think, we love it!